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Welcome to Al-Ameen Tours & Travel! We are a tours and travel operator based in the United Kingdom. We love arranging amazing & memorable trips for you.

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Who We Are

 Al-Ameen is a reliable and experienced tours and travel operator specialising in Hajj and Umrah tours. Our vast experience spanning over the past 13 years has been providing our customers with carefree and enjoyable trips. ‘Ameen’ is the Arabic word for ‘Trustworthy’ and at Al-Ameen Tours and Travel this is the model on which we have designed our services and packages for you upon.

What We Do

In order for you to get the best out of your journey Al-Ameen focuses on providing you with the best value for money packages by researching the locations we take you to and by keeping close ties with experts and guides who make your travels even more present. Since 1997 Al-Ameen has been providing services for the annual Hajj pilgrimage along with Umrah travels through the year and during Ramadan. In recent years we have created even more alluring packages such as our Ziyarah packages.

Why We Do It

We provide this great service so that you can take the journey of a lifetime. A great memorable experience for you, your family and friends. Experiencing these inspiring and sacred places is a great opportunity to spiritually enhance our understanding of places that are so important and intrinsic to our faith, culture, heritage and daily life. We do this so together we can learn and connect to the enriching character of these spaces.